Parking Lot –> Elevated Track –> Summit –> And Back

Total Distance:

16 km (9.9 miles)

Average Walk Time:

~ 7 – 9 hours or slightly less

(with plenty of time to take great shots & light snacking)

Seasonal Restrictions:

Track closed for lambing between 1st October and 10th November each year.


🙂 🙂 🙂


🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

How to get there?

Highlights and Views


The Wanaka region is still by far the most memorable part of my New Zealand trip. Weather in New Zealand can get pretty precarious; with moments of sunshine, and then moments of melancholy!

In hindsight, we were pretty much blessed during our visit to the Wanaka region with perfect skies, not too chilly temperature, and best of all, refreshingly cool breeze that fills every volume corner of our lungs as we inhaled in the best of nature!


How to get there?

The start of the Roys Peak Track is just a quick and simple approximately 5 km drive North West from Wanaka Township! Drive on Ardmore Street, which will lead you on Wanaka- Mount Aspiring Road.

Look out for the yellow signage (which is not as prominent) ‘Roys Peak Track’ on the right (if you are coming from Wanaka Township, that is). The car parking area is just there at the base of the peak!


Highlights and Views

There is a green donation box near the entrance of the Roys Peak Track. The donation is more for maintenance and upgrade of the walking track. It is not compulsory and you do not have to be compelled to donate if you do not want to.

The first section of the Roys Peak Track crosses private land, hence, it is sage to keep on the paved track, and respect landowner’s property! Since there would be approximately a month’s long of lambing between October and November, obviously we could get to see some, well… … many… … sheep and lambs up close and personal all throughout the track up!

And of course, you have to accept the animals in all their glory right?

By that, I meant the woolly fur balls’ poops and their glorious smell that accompanies with! Yup, poopies all over the track; especially the initial section! Here. There. EVERYWHERE! 😀 Glorious smell!

The view just keeps getting more amazing as you ascend. I couldn’t help but always take a glance back as I climbed up a few steps further!

First it was just the hills, the thin strip of Wanaka Township, and the partial view of Lake Wanaka, then slowly, the lake view just extents wider, and the town strip gets larger! Soon we could see the sprawling Wanaka Township on the right and the cerulean Lake Wanaka on the left- all within our peripheral vision; unimpeded!

The distant mountains and beyond were now visible as well! Partially shrouded by the clouds, some mountains were snow-capped. Hence, I kept my eyes peeled for the moment the mountains were less covered by the clouds to capture a shot or two or three!

I do know that the view is going to be even more awe-inspiring up at the summit of Roys Peak, but I just couldn’t help myself! I had to pause the trudge up (at intervals), snapped pictures and immersed in it all! It was just too beautiful, it was impeccable! Maybe that’s why when people say that they take a certain time to complete a trek; I probably take longer than what was mentioned! 🙂

Along the journey up Roys Peak Track, you will see an up sloping field of alpine tussocks, and from far it looks like fur balls of hair that sways so gently and in sync with the wind. The tussocks just remind me of the movie: Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, where the colourful vibrant trees look like cotton candy and balls of hair!

There is a long narrow strip for respite just before you continue on the climb to the summit. You could stop here for a snack/lunch break and if you are really not up for it, you could slowly make your descend. Most people would stop here and have photos taken of them on the narrow strip with the blue hues of sky, lake and mountains as backdrop! Very Instagram-worthy! ;P

This is a nice spot to be ensorcelled by the beauty of the landscape in front of you. And by this time, you would be imperatively certain that the arduous trudge up earlier was definitely all worth it; every drop of sweat!

Comparing the long elevated way up from the base, to the climb from the respite area to the summit, the latter is really not that long a journey. You have reached the Roys Peak summit when you see the tall radio antenna tower!

So knowing this now, if you see it afar whilst climbing, maybe you would want to use this as your beacon of hope to spur you on? Haha!

I cannot explain how much satisfaction I had gain from conquering the Roys Peak Track. The amount of effort I vested in to get a view as gawkingly breath-taking as this was just very deserving in my opinion.

You know there are some treks where you don’t need to put much effort and still get awesome views? And there are some which make you cringe and grit your teeth, but yet you still press on, and are rewarded with the views to die for?

Well, though sometimes we all need treks which requires less effort in exchange for good view; ‘cause you know, we are all not made of steel; and we cannot always and every day be conquering challenging treks right?

But, in my opinion, it is good and healthy to challenge yourself every now and then to a trek that makes you work your ass for something deserving. I feel a greater sense of achievement as compared to a simpler and easier trek! Don’t you think so? 🙂

‘Cause the best memories will be deeply etched when you actually put an effort and work for it rather than just getting it on a silver platter! Though, I have to say, sometimes silver platters would be nice too! Haha! 😀



(a) Just keep swimming moving… … Just keep swimming moving… …

For someone who hasn’t done the Roys Peak Track before, you couldn’t really pinpoint where the final destination (a.k.a summit) really is. All you see is just a relentless elevated winding track to the heavens; which means against gravity! And well… … we all know, gravity ain’t exactly the best-est of friend sometimes right?

Definitely not the most benign track to be on, but you really need to rivet on the goal here; and that’s to reach the summit, because you presage that the view up there is going to be so swooning, and it’s just a pity if you were to miss it! Well… … at least that’s what I tell myself whilst on this track!

So don’t just stop at the narrow strip for respite! Have a break and continue to the summit! It’s really not that far! Honest!

(b) Start the trek EARLY

If you are someone who loves pausing to snap photos, or need multiple breaks to catch your breath (because, this is a massive elevated track), then you really need to start early. Take it from someone who had done this trek in the morning, and finished it close to evening.

(c) Sunscreen is a MUST; alongside windproof outer coat

Roys Peak Track gave me my first sunburn on my lower arms in over a decade! Usually I would use sunscreen and at most I would just tan up, but this time there was massive skin peeling. Why? ‘Cause I was lazy, that’s why.  And overly complacent! It was bad enough for me to get an aloe vera after sun lotion to soothe the burn.

This is an exposed track, with no trees to shelter you like most forest track. So do not be lazy like I was, and slap on sunscreen!

Windproof coat is much needed just in case the weather changes. You do not want to be freezing your ass at 1578 m above sea level, do you? Haha!

Trekking is always a good way to avoid huddled groups of people, and a great way to find solace. I always relish the moments spend trekking. The serenity of it all just cannot be bought with money!

Hope this prods you to get yourself out of bed early to capture some awesomeness, and just be around nature!

So remember to Travel Whenever!




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    vacationgoer Reply

    I like your written post on Roy’s Peak Track, found it to be pretty informative. I also read previous posts on your site and I thought your trekking related posts are pretty inspiring. Somehow, it does give one the urge to possibly try trekking some days too. You did this trek alone?

    • acaciadee
      acaciadee Reply

      Thanks for the positive comment! Really appreciate it! Yes, you should definitely try it! Nah, I did most of my trekking expeditions with my Friend! She’s the photographer for all pictures with me in it! Haha! 😀

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        vacationgoer Reply

        Awwww… that is really sweet. You guys always travel together? I don’t see your friend’s pic :p

        • acaciadee
          acaciadee Reply

          Haha! Thanks! Yeah it’s usually just us! Yes she is in some of the travel post too! Like the one about Bruny Island in Tasmania! 😀 So when is your expedition into the wilderness?

          • Avatar

            I just read that post. Nice adventures in Bruny Island and J is really funny. Hilarious moments but I’m sure both you girls had such a memorable trip partly because of that too 😛 I watched some of your videos. Your channel DeeJTravels is pretty cool. Keep on making awesome videos, I really love both your adventures and envy such a friendship. Not easy to find like-minded people and she must be your awesome travel buddy. I have not planned my next trip, perhaps will try to include the wilderness trekking experience as part of the itinerary in future? Shall see how it goes.. 😛

            Really looking forward to both your travel adventure videos, and your next post (shall hear more of J’s hilarious moments if there is any, haha). I’ll continue to support you girls! By the way, where will you girls be heading to next?

          • acaciadee

            Aaawwww… … Thank you! You are too kind!

            Do you have any countries you have shortlisted in mind? That’s cool, looking forward to your photos then! Do you have Instagram or any platform you upload your travel photos? Would love to see them. Haha! 😀

            Yes, I would definitely be writing more about J’s hilarious moments; she has countless, as so do I… …!

            We haven’t really had a sit down to discuss where next though… … 😀

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            I completely share your opinion. Talking, discussing and any other type of cocoinumatimn between spouses is the basis of everything. I am so happy it works out for you. Hope that it will do as well for us through years.Send my hugs and kisses to the boy and love to Anita and I sincerely hope that this day, when you come back here, won`t be after I`ve become 70. I will be so happy to welcome you all.

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    vacationgoer Reply

    I am looking at New Zealand now. Honestly, your written posts did sway my decision a little and tempt me to go NZ instead, haha:p Either that or Japan/Korea. If I’m going, I think I need to first save up more for this trip. Is it difficult getting around New Zealand? Transportations wise expensive? How about the food there? Unfortunately, I have no instagram. You girls take good pictures. What camera(s) did your use for photography and filming?

    By the way, I just watched the latest video on DeeJTravels. Nice, I love the chemistry between you girls, bubbly and genuine<3 Can really feel the sincerity in your productions. Honestly, you both just make the perfect travel duo. Keep up the good work (I'm guessing a lot of hard work behind the scenes?), and would love to see more exciting works coming up from Dee and J.

    • acaciadee
      acaciadee Reply

      Icic, yeah NZ is definitely a great place to visit! I can’t say much for Japan and Korea since I have never been there before. Haha!

      I would say without a car, travelling around NZ can be tough. But hitching a ride from random strangers on the highway seems the way to go for most solo travellers or travellers on a budget? If you are going with a bunch of friends, then I reckon car rental costs can be shared, so that should be fine?

      The food in NZ is just OMG. The lamb shanks and seafood chowders were our top favourites! Steaks there are awesome too! Portions are huge, well at least for us. So it’s pretty worth it!

      I am using my Canon DSL for both photos and videos!

      Once again, thank you for your encouraging words on the work we are doing. It really means a lot to the both of us! 😀 And yes, tons of hard work BTS; but looking back, it is always worth it. 😀

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    I sent you an email with regards to some of my queries, hence was wondering whether you received that email? Hope you can assist me with that. Thank you.

    • acaciadee
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      Thank you! Your pictures of Roys Peak is insane too! <3

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    It is really a nice and informative blog and the content is really precise. I liked your views on it. I will subscribe to it. I am looking forward for more such kind of blogs as they are really mesmerizing. Thanks for such an interesting and wonderful blog.

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    • acaciadee
      acaciadee Reply

      Hi there Hazel! I have not personally done this trek at night, so I can’t vouch. But knowing the fact that there is really no way for you to get lost in this route, I would say go for it? Just remember you torch! 😀 The narrow strip ( is not the last part, it’s just a very nice place to take photos and rest as it is protruding out, giving you a nice viewing platform. You will still have to climb a little more to the top! 🙂 Have fun with your climb!

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