As I ramble through the city of Dim Sum (a.k.a Hong Kong), popping by Kowloon Park sounds like a plan for I cannot be eating all the time; though I really wanted to stuff myself silly with dim sum 24/7- don’t get me started on the gnawing of hunger for those glorious tiny dumplings of gold.

The park is just a stone’s throw away from my hotel- literally. A huge park with quite a bit of activities to keep people occupied; and an OOTD can be one of the many activities right? 😀

Hong Kong’s climate is just like back home- sweltering. Maybe not as humid, but definitely unrelenting to impel me to scramble and seek refuge in air conditioning. During this period, it is imperative to pack lots of outfits that are weather-friendly to beat the summer heat!

This floral lace shorts was a love at first sight. I have always wanted a pair, but they were always way too over my budget. What can I say, this was fate. Humbly hung on the lower shelf- definitely not within my peripheral version, I was drawn to its royal blue and meticulous embellishment. Furthermore, the price was definitely within, if not lower than, my budget! Oh girl, you are so coming home with me!

I reckon good things come to those who wait? This pair of lace shorts was unique (at least to me). At that time, I have yet to stumble upon such design sewed on this type of light weighted  fabric with such bright colour.

The ones I usually see are in pale beige, and the material of the shorts are usually pretty thick and heavy- thus the expensive price. On the contrary, this light weighted shorts with detailed embroidery screams perfect for summer vogue!

I love bottoms with detailing, as I can effortlessly pull a simple (cropped) top from the closet with minimal accessories; and yet looking fashion-decent? Haha… 😀 The statement piece is the shorts after all right?

As there was loads of walking involved, my pink lace flats from H&M had to come out from my luggage and parade on the streets of Hong Kong. Super comfy pair of lace flats, that is congenial to the entire outfit- since I have the whole lace theme going on.

It’s all about being confident in the clothes you wear and everything will fall into place.


Photo credits: Lovely J



The corridors in the mall were awashed with late night shoppers. After a sumptuous dinner at a restaurant- which I apparently cannot recall now, we did our usual rounds around the mall. Sounds like we were the Fashion Deal Police (FDP) scouring for the latest sales and bonanzas the stalls had to offer, huh?

P.S. And yes, if you do know of any academy training such police, do let me know, I would love to enrol in, and be a FDP. Haha… 😀

After being nomads, shop hopping in search for cute outfits at reasonable prices, we decided to try our luck at Uniqlo.

J was enraptured by the patterns on pants that were all so neatly folded and stacked on the shelf just at the entrance of the stall. On the other hand, I did not even notice them, and just rambled pass.

“Oh look, that’s cute!”

“Errrr… … I don’t think so… Eeewww…”

“Look at her. It’s nice,” J pointed at the picture with the model donning it.

“Hmmmm… … Well… … Now that I look at that… Then again, models look good in anything.”

On the shelf, it does look sappy to be wearing what seemed like a table cloth printed bottom? You should have seen the pants with the same pattern only in the colour red! It looks hilariously burlesque (not trying to be impertinent here). Like who wears that?! WHO?! Well… Yup, it is I, Dee. And the Miss Contradictory title goes to me. Yup, ME.

Wincing and totally nonchalance by the look of the pants, I was dubious. But after much persuasion, I decided to take it into the fitting room and gave them a chance to prove themselves worthy.

I was amazed by my lack of farsightedness for this “table cloth”- it had great potential. In hindsight, I should have not been so skeptical by it, and I have to admit that J was right.

It was super comfortable. The fit was just perfect. The price was reasonable. I had to get it! Imperative. 😀

I reckon the printed pants is a statement piece on its own, and it should not go with any heavy accessories. I kept everything plain and simple with a greyish-white cropped top and a silver bracelet. Nothing all that fanciful. But to jazz up the style a little, a pop of red; just accentuate the pants with a super cute pair of red velvet wedges and a handbag to go with should do the trick.

You know what they say… …

Shoes and bags should match, and well, in this outfit- they do. 😀

Hope this inspires you to go slightly outrageous and don on something out of the box to spice up your wardrobe! A little adventure in the outfits you wear that brings out your inner glow could just well be the corollary of your brave decision to take a fashion step forward!

It’s all about being confident in the clothes you wear and everything will fall into place.


Photo credits: Lovely J                                                                                                             (https://www.facebook.com/joanne.huimei?fref=ts)                                                               (http://instagram.com/sanguinejoanne)