Cleanliness of room

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Service of staff

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Basic Amenities

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Planned itinerary of activities for 3D2N

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Meal spread

(Buffet/ Set Meal)

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Overall Rating

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Cabin type we stayed in

Suite Ocean Full View
Location of cabin

Second level of cruise

Average cabin size (m2)

Rate for 3D2N/pax (USD $)

202.50 (inclusive of meals on board)

Day 2 Highlights

Morning Sunrise 

Cruising on Bai Tu Long Bay 

Kayaking around Cat Ba Island 

Swimming near Cat Ba Island 

Lunch Set Meal on Day Boat 

Exploring Fairy Cave a.k.a Small Cave and Big Cave 

Sunset Gazing 

Dinner Set Meal on Pelican Halong Cruise 


This is a continuation of the pervious article on the 3D2N tour with Pelican Halong Cruise!

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Day 1 was all about chilling on the junk boat and experiencing life on the tranquil Halong Bay waters as the locals row us all into semi-oblivion. But… … Day 2 was all about us rowing ourselves on the glistening Halong waters like there was no tomorrow! Yay!

It was such a precarious experience but in hindsight it was so invigorating I would do it again without a doubt. To experience Halong Bay over a mere night was really not enough. I was so glad we decided to do a 2 night’s stay! And I would recommend this so for everyone!

Click here to watch our vlog on YouTube during this trip!


Day 2 Highlights: Morning Sunrise

You know how living in this fast-paced society where we (well… at least for me) leave our homes even before the sun exhumes its full glorious self? And once out the door, we plugged into our little world we call Spotify and gambolled about with our daily work and life itself?

And on weekends? Oh sure… We could really wake up to smell the fresh air and all, but honestly sometimes, do we really have the energy to rise above all?

But hey, on vacations, ah, now that’s a different story. Somehow on vacays, energy levels were high. We tend to want to wake up or in this case, we were (sort of) compelled to wake up with full force pumping because of the itinerary set aside for us by Pelican Halong Cruise! Haha! It really wasn’t an enigma to where our source of energy came from. I am sure anyone who had been on a vacation would know this feeling. 😉

I remember being awoken not by the alarm, but by the many heavy footsteps of early risers on the junk boat. I was, and still am, usually not the one to draw the curtains and peep to see what was plastered outside at our peripheral vision. As such, I still recall that I was just coming of the toilet, still in my PJs, when my cabin mate shrieked. And I peered out to see… …


It was really a blessing and a gift to be able to experience this sunrise at Halong Bay, which was unimpeded and concinnate with the calm(ish) Halong waters and distant limestone cliffs! It was behooved to start snapping away, obviously!

So, still in my PJs, I scoured my backpack hurriedly and through my camera lens, it was the SUNRISE in all her glory. The Halong Bay’s air was so fresh as we opened the slider window and allowed a whiff of crisp morning Bay air in. The view was impeccable. And at that point of time, I really did feel so lucky to have eyes to see, and lungs to be filled with fresh air.


Day 2 Highlights: Cruising on Bai Tu Long Bay

So after the epic awakening by my cabin mate’s shriek and crazy snapping of the dramatic sunrise, we headed for our quick scrumptious breakfast and went back to our cabin to prepare for the day’s adventure! By half past 8, we were on a small boat towards a bigger one for our cruise on Bai Tu Long Bay.

So… … here’s the catch. Apparently, we were the only ones in the group who opted for a 2 night’s stay on Halong Bay. As such, we were the only ones, 2 girls (yes only 2 of us), on this huge day cruise, sailing on Bai Tu Long Bay! That was totally hilarious. We initially thought the cruise was going to get other passengers from other junk boats, but well… it was not the case.

Hence, unknowingly, we had booked ourselves a private cruise?! Haha! 😀 What a way to start the day right? #presidentialtreatment much?

Because it was only us on board, we had a nice chat with the cruise captain. We learnt about his life, his family and what he did on a daily basis. It was really heartening to connect with the locals. They really do have much to offer, we just have to take a step to see and understand.

And as preempted by the captain that the journey on Bai Tu Long Bay to Cat Ba Island was going to take a while (~ 1 hour), we decided to use the time to enjoy the Bay’s breeze and of course… SNAP PICTURES!


Day 2 Highlights: Kayaking around Cat Ba Island

The cruise boat anchored at a distance away from the shore of Cat Ba Island. The captain set the kayaks into the waters and off we go- wild and free! It was such a galvanising experience. Because there weren’t any kayaks around us at all, we were practically owning the Bay for that temporary moment. We were cognizant of the serenity around us, and the late morning rays that reflect on the waters were just imperatively perfect.

Soon, the captain came towards us in his kayak, and told us if we would like to, we could kayak towards the shore and have a swim along the island coast. We decided to kayak a little longer considering it was such a beautiful calm morning.

Words really cannot describe how splendid the whole scene was. It was just amazing!


Day 2 Highlights: Swimming near Cat Ba Island

We spend a great deal of time by the beach on Cat Ba Island. It was as if it was our private beach area! Totally mind-blowing how pristine the waters were! There wasn’t a single soul around us, excluding our captain, who was busy digging for cockles by the beach.

We swam and laid by the beach. It was really an experience unimaginable. We still couldn’t fathom the fact that the entire day’s adventure was so exclusive! Hahah! 😀

Soon after, a local lady who was rowing along the Bay, selling snacks and drinks, approached us! Asking us if we wanted some food! 😀

In total, we spend about an hour(ish) kayaking and swimming near Cat Ba Island. I reckoned we could extent the time if we wanted to.


Day 2 Highlights: Lunch Set Meal on Day Boat

The lunch meal provided by the cruise was really massive. It was probably meant for at least 4 people! Not a hyperbole. Honest!

The lunch experience on board the day boat started with the captain, who then became our head chef and waiter, coming out with two Vietnamese drip coffees. It was my first time seeing such an intricate coffee setup. We asked more about how to make such a coffee and the captain delightedly gave us the steps to do so.

Because it was a drip coffee, we had to wait for the coffee mixture to drip through the metal filter before drinking the filtrate. And goodness, was the first taste of the coffee AMAZING. I was really impressed.

The captain’s assistant came out with our appetizer- potato puree! It was warm to the belly, and really apt after a nice swim! Then the main course came. Or should I say main courseS. It was a plate of ‘Vietnamese style rice and meat’ and ‘burger with fries’ EACH! I mean a plate of either was way more than enough for us, but to have a plate each of the rice and burger? Haha!

To honour the hard work of the chef, we really did try our best to finish as much as we possibly could. Overall, the meal, which was absolutely prepared meticulously, was really satisfying! No complains at all!


Day 2 Highlights: Exploring Fairy Cave a.k.a Small Cave and Big Cave

Small Cave Big Cave
Entrance Fee VND $30k

VND $50k

We sailed on for about another hour after lunch towards the Fairy Cave for some exploration! Because it was close to high tide, we only had time to squeeze in one of the caves as part of the itinerary.

Though the Fairy Cave was dubbed the Small Cave, it was actually big enough for a good caving experience which lasted about 40 or more odd minutes with the captain, who now was our cave guide! Man of many roles he was. Haha!

We each held on to a small torch and we followed him into the cave. At times, I felt like Alice in Wonderland, falling through a hole, and into an amazing world. Well, in a less glamourous sense, and what actually happened was that, we were walking through a rocky opening into a few moist dark and humid secret tunnels. It was really neat to be honest.

I remember vividly a little opening we had to crouch to enter. And when inside, the guide asked us to turn off our torches. We did so and it was pure darkness. I couldn’t even see my own hand if it was placed inches from my face. We had to follow the voice of the guide. At that point, I was a little nervous. I probably had some trust issues. I remember he was asking us to place our hands into some smaller hole. I was skeptical, and was unwilling. I started shrieking like a little wuss even before placing my hands inside. Haha! In hindsight, it was pretty hilarious.

The scene on the outside was amazing too. We didn’t need torches. The sunlight from outside shone in like a beam of hope!


Day 2 Highlights: Sunset Gazing

So when there were sunrises, then there must be sunsets right? And you would think that having seen 2 sunrises and a sunset on Halong Bay, the views and feelings would get old? Well… Totally NOT at all!

We got back on the main Pelican Halong Cruise by half past 3, and were already chillaxing on the sun deck and waiting for the sun to set. During this time, you could access the wifi near the captain’s cockpit and connect with the world outside the Bay… … Or if your phone somehow cannot get any signal, then be like me- enjoy the Bay’s breeze and snap more pictures!

I cannot describe how marvellous the sunsets on Halong Bay were; as with the sunrises earlier! It was by far the best I ever had.


Day 2 Highlights: Dinner Set Meal on Pelican Halong Cruise

Because we were pretty beat up after a long day of adventures, the manager of the cruise was so very much kind and thoughtful enough to bring our dinner to us in our cabin!

I really do have to mention that the meals on board Pelican Halong Cruise were without a doubt having a great deal of standard. With huge portions and meticulous presentation of the foods, there was really no error at all!



(a) Bring your camera

There is no need for contemplation to whether you should bring your non-waterproof camera up the day boat. You just have to bring it along. The views were so prefect and important that it would be such a pity if I wasn’t able to capture them!

(b) Set aside time for the Big Cave?

We did not have enough time to explore 2 caves due to high tide, hence, if you would want to have the option/opportunity to do both, then maybe you could speak with the captain and express interest?

In hindsight, it was easier for us to request to explore both caves, considering that we were the only 2 passengers on board! Haha! But in my opinion, I feel 1 cave exploration would suffice? Would prefer a more chill and laid-back kinda plan.

(c) Pack in your own beverage?

And yes, in my previous article, I did already mention to bring your own booze and what not right? So I shall not say more again. Haha! But really, a bottle or two of Somersby or Strongbow won’t hurt right? 😀

Hope this prods you to capture some beauty around you! ‘Cause the world is really perfect when you have a kind heart willing to see it!

So remember to Travel Whenever!





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