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Sheep’s Waterfall





Iceland will always have a special place in my heart and I will definitely revisit this country in a heartbeat! It was my first time to Europe, and I was so glad I had someone so spontaneous and willing to go on this trip with me.

J and I freezing our fingers off for camera shots!

I remember us looking at the world map at my dining table in the living room; shortlisting countries we could head next for our adventure.

‘If not now, then when?’ was something that my friend mentioned to me during our conversation one random day at lunch. And that hit me hard. I have always wanted to go Europe, but have always put that on hold because I have placed Europe on the highest pedestal ever. I wanted it to be perfect and just wanted to find the perfect time.

Well, there is no perfect time but NOW. You create your own perfect time. Because looking at how the situation is right now, sometimes, you just have to do things you want or crave NOW (when you still can), if not when?

Let’s start off with the Western Region, Snæfellsnes Peninsula first! Iceland, here we go!  

Sheep’s Waterfall

Sheep’s Waterfall
Operating Hours:24/7
Recommended length of visit:~ 1 hour or less
Personal Rating: (out of 5)🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Sheep’s Waterfall was not part of the itinerary. We just stumbled across when driving and saw a parking area with a few people climbing up from beyond. We were curious and decided to check it out. #noregrets

signboard at the parking area

It was such a pleasant impromptu discovery! Because it was not part of our Snæfellsnes Peninsula itinerary and thus did not research on it, we initially did not venture far. We saw the vast open field with the lake at our peripheral vision and thought, ‘Alright, this is just it.’.

vast open green field

We were about to leave after a few snaps when one guy, with his partner, climbed up from further down the hill and exclaimed that there was a waterfall below. The view was so much nicer down there. He added that we should totally check that out!

three billy goats gruff?

And this is the reason why I love travelling. You encounter random strangers all with an open mind and heart to discover and share the beauty seen. If it wasn’t for this kind soul, we would probably not have seen the waterfall and the sheep.

It was only Googling much later and connecting the dots that I realised the place is called Sheep’s Waterfall, for very obvious reasons. Sheep were just free-roaming near the waterfall. It was amazing!

If you are heading up to Kirkjufellfoss in the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, do check this one out! Not much walking involved for such a beautiful experience! Why not?

You could venture behind the waterfall too!


The mighty Kirkjufell from afar.
Operating Hours:24/7
Recommended length of visit:~ 2 hour
Personal Rating: (out of 5)🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
On the way into Grundarfjörður town.

Everyone flocking to Snæfellsnes Peninsula would imperatively head for the must-visit Kirkjufellfoss. Because this cylindrical shaped mountain is pretty massive, you could already see it from afar. There are viewpoints just near Grundarfjörður town to get a more wide-angle shot of the mountain. Just Google ‘Kirkjufell Viewpoint’ for a more legit space to snap, or anywhere safe really. Kirkjufell looks magnificent 360o.

Kirkjufell as the backdrop en route into Grundarfjörður town.
Kirkjufell Viewpoint
Kirkjufell Viewpoint

The more popular spot for many is definitely the closeup shot. There are parking spaces on each side of the road. Because it is a very popular tourist spot, there were people, locals I presume, there to navigate visitors to park their vehicles safely.

And the series of mini waterfalls begin… …

It was so cold that day, and it was raining still. But oh well, we had to make do. The thing about Iceland was that, with minimal walking, you could get fantastic views that would take you out of this world.

From the parking lot, you could already see how amazing Kirkjufell mountain is! I was pretty much mind-blown. All those many Google images I had seen on my laptop were now right in front of me! Spectacular!

You could admire a series of mini waterfall as you amble around it on the structured walkway. But of course, the star of the show is imperatively the mountain as the backdrop!

No amount of words can express how amazing this sight was for me. The main reason for us driving to the Western Region of Iceland, was to marvel at this very sight!

I can only imagine if the Northern Lights were just dancing above the mountain on a freezing cold night. Oh how magical would it be. But having seen this for myself, I was already pretty satisfied, even without the Northern Lights! 🙂


Operating Hours:24/7
Recommended length of visit:~ 1 hour
Personal Rating: (out of 5)🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Just like Sheep’s Waterfall, Bjarnarfoss was also not part of the itinerary. We just stumbled across when driving back to Reykjavík. We espied a really tall waterfall from afar while on Snæfellsnesvegur highway. Again, #noregrets.

view along Snæfellsnesvegur highway

I guess we see a pattern here huh? When in Iceland, if you could spare a few moments for a quick explore, you might actually find a hidden gem that you might have missed out during your travel research! In fact, we were not supposed to travel on this road back to the city. To be honest, I have no idea why we took this slightly longer route instead. A blessing in disguise I reckon!

Pretty little house in nature’s embrace.

There were plenty of parking lots, but no restroom available though. This is a great place for a pitstop and maybe a picnic? There are picnic tables available. There is a cute little house just beneath the waterfall. I remember we were joking that if we could get a house just like that with a waterfall at the backyard and a front porch of massive green field, oh how amazing it would be! Serenity at its finest. Haha! One can only dream.

On the walking trail towards the waterfall.
The crashing waters beneath the waterfall.

The walking trail was pretty manageable considering we did not venture further pass the bridge. We just admired the waterfall from its foot. If you would want the full experience, I heard from the people climbing down from the hike that it can be a little steep and challenging? So if you are up for a hike, maybe this could be your go-to! Just remember to wear firm-gripping shoes!

I am honestly not sure if this place is also a camping site, but we did see one solo camper having his breakfast?

Camper embracing nature!

If you have some time to spare, I do recommend you just heading to the bridge. It was pretty refreshingly serene!


Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Western Region Iceland was really just a touch-and-go situation. Alas, we did not have much time to explore what this region really could offer. I am sure we have missed out quite a few gems given only spending 1 night here!

1I reckon given at Snæfellsnes Peninsula, I would love to head further West to explore the famous glacier-peaked volcano and black sand beaches at Snæfellsjökull National Park. Hraunfossar and Glanni Waterfall are also places that I would love to visit. I had these in my itinerary but we did not have enough time for them. If you are heading to the Western Region, may be you could check these out too! 🙂
2We went to Saga Centre Grundarfjordur in the small town to enquire about some travel stuff, and stumbled across Mæstro – Street food. It was so happen our car was parked near this food truck and we were just massively hungry. We ordered hotdogs. Eating hot food in the car on a cold day was really a bliss. Their hotdogs were pretty good. I loved it! I reckon they do not operate during the Winter, so do check on Google before heading over. Or if you happen to pass Grundarfjörður township, maybe you could pop by to check it out!
lunch in the car
J getting us our lunch!

Just writing and reminiscing about Iceland makes me miss traveling so very much. I can definitely see myself heading back to Iceland again in the future. And the next time, I would definitely want to venture the Eastern Region of Iceland!


If you were like me, thinking that travel experiences could be put on hold till a better time, don’t. Experiences are priceless. You work hard, you experience the world hard too!

So let’s believe that there’s just so much more out there in this world. Believe that there’s so much beauty in this world and Travel Whenever!

For now, let’s just stay home until it is safe for the next adventure! 😀




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