Transporation- Vehicle Ferry

Attraction- The Neck Game Reserve and A Beach

Food- Hot House Cafe

Trekking- Fluted Cape (South Bruny National Park)

Hobart is the state capital of the Australian island, Tasmania. When people think of Tasmania, they think of trees, and more trees. I know this for a fact because I get the same responses when people knew I was going for a Tasmanian vacation.

“Tasmania, hmmmmm… Isn’t that place just covered with trees? What can you do there?”

Well, let me enlighten you on what you CAN do there.

Tasmania really has so much to offer, provided you are an ardent nature lover who embraces the tranquil. I live in the city, so tranquil is good for me once in a while. Really. I NEED tranquil to abscond the buzzing city and into my sweet escape.

Last vacation, I went on this trip with my BFF, J. And this how we spend a day on Bruny Island.

[Credits to J for planning this 1- day trip on the island! Thanks babe! It was a blast. :D]


Transportation- Vehicle Ferry

We set off bright and early so we could have a full day on the island. The thing about this island is that there are 2 ways (that I know of) you can get on and off the island.

      1. Collaborate with the local tour agencies:

Have a day tour with them. I reckon that they do throw in lunches and tea in their tour packages. There’s even cruises, if you want to try something new.

      1. Be your own tour agent:

Rent a car, and explore the place yourself! 😀

We went for the latter option. We prefer free and easy.

There are no bridges, highways, or roads linking the mainland Hobart to Bruny Island. So how do we get there with our rented car, you wonder?

Well let me present you the MOST intriguing thing about transportation to the island!


On board the vehicle ferry, The Mirambeena to Bruny Island!

It may seem very moony of me to be so much fascinated by this very mode of transportation (like a toad in a well), but it’s the truth- and I am proud to admit it. It may be very normal to be travelling from one island to the next on a vehicle ferry, but from where I come from, such mode of transportation is rare.

On board The Mirambeena to Bruny Island!

So obviously, J and I were pretty much awe stricken.

We drove from Hobart city central to Kettering Township where the ferry terminal is. It was approximately a half- hour(ish) drive south of Hobart. There is no need for advanced booking. You can simply pay at the drive- through ticketing booth upon arrival at the terminal.

Speaking about a drive- through ticket booth, I don’t know what is it about these booths, but J and I will always have an EMBARRASSING tale to tell! ( I will tell my tale when I get to that blog post- IF I get there. :P)

Now J is so going to exterminate me for sharing this, but I still find this pretty funny as I recall while typing this post. So here goes… …

I don’t know if it was the early glistening of the morning sun, that made her dazzled, or was she inundated by the lack of sleep the previous night, but she totally just drove by the ticket booth and joined the queue along with the other vehicles; as if it was the right thing to do. LOL… …!

As I recall the scene now, it is even more hysterical, I’m telling you! LOL!

I was on the passenger side of the car- half asleep; I’m not a morning person. Don’t judge. I sensed something amidst coming from the side of my half opened right eye, and half asleep brain. I turned (to double check) and looked through the back window. I saw… … Ready?

I saw a completely perplexed lady rushing out of her booth trying to flag us down, like we were some kind of bandits trying to escape security checks. To be clear, is NOT the case, people. We are very law-abiding citizens here, we merely missed reading a signage or two in J’s defence. Haha… … It’s hilarious!

So of course, after getting in line with the other vehicles, J went out and paid for the tickets personally. 🙂 I was pretty much well awake after that. So thank you J for the first mini impromptu morning wake up call. 😀

It was pacific on board The Mirambeena. The waters beneath the ferry that glittered under the sun, the morning rays, and the cool breeze were a perfect combination to kick start the beautiful day ahead on Bruny Island!


Attraction- The Neck Game Reserve and A Beach

Our first stop was to climb the never ending steps to the Truganini Lookout at The Neck Game Reserve. It was never ending and also very much life-threatening ’cause you have the strong sea wind howling at you as you trudged up the long flight of steps to get a spectacular 360o view of the island.

For every step I took and clinched on all so tightly to the wooden handles on the right side of the timber stairs, my confidence ebbed. Okay… I may be exaggerating here again, but I really did feared for my life a spilt moment, and imagined that I may just be blown away by the wind and may just roll down the hill and onto the beach.

But like every obstacle to make it to the top, the end point is always so much sweeter. The view was indeed breath-taking. It was like a symmetrical view with the isthmus of land dividing the sea. Sometimes words and pictures can’t do justice to such a view. You need to be there to really experience it!

Penguins do roam the beaches at the foot of the boardwalk at dusk. Alas it was a day tour, if not, we would have stuck around and see the little cutie pies in action!

As we drove along the road, towards Adventure Bay, we had a few quick stops here and there. That’s the great thing about renting a car, you can have as many pit stops anytime you want.

We stopped at some random beach, which I have no recollection of its name (I’m sorry).

It was empty, and that meant we could do all the crazy we wanted! Like jumping and running like a deranged crazy person, and spin around until we go groggy. Well, that’s mostly me I must fess up. I was the one being all crazy, while J was busy snapping pictures of the sea. Haha…

Food- Hot House Cafe

Lunch time drew near, and our bellies were getting grumpy. J saw this cafe online and we decided to have our meal there. We did not regret it. It was palatable. We ordered quiche and a gourmet burger to share, along with individual hot chocolate and mocha. Obviously, mine was the latter. I was obsessed with mocha, and J just can’t stay away from her hot chocolate since the last trip to Sydney.

The cafe reminds me of a greenhouse or a shed. The exterior is nothing fanciful, but don’t judge a cafe by that, ’cause the food is good, the owner is really amiable. A very nice and homely feel.


Trekking- Fluted Cape (South Bruny National Park)

Of course after a satisfying lunch, we got to burn some calories right? So off we go to do some “light” bushwalking in the South Bruny National Park!

My love for trekking has really heightened during my trip in Tasmania. I feel a sense of satisfaction to be able to climb to the summit and just absorb the marvellous scenery at the end! And to be able to share this moment with your best friend is really something to treasure.

Many bushwalks during our trip have made us friendlier people. Bushwalkers are just so delightful! They would greet us, and gestured a quick friendly comment or encouragement like “Good day! Have a great walk ahead!” or “How’s your walk? You are almost there.”

After a few rounds of welcoming comments from fellow bushwalkers, we decided to partake in this “ritual” on every bushwalk we took! We greeted fellow bushwalkers when we see them. It made trekking so much more fun and homely!

I guess the saying “To make someone else smile, makes you happy too!” is right. Smiling and positive energy is contagious I reckon! 🙂

So this basically sums up my day trip on Bruny Island. My only regret is not being able to stay on this island longer to do more trekking on the North side of the island and to see the penguins!

Though we were rushing to catch the last ferry back, but how can you miss an opportunity to snap pictures of wild wallabies!

Hope this inspires you to go be a nature lover, do some bushwalking, and travel whenever!



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