The Coal Mines Historic Site is definitely a tranquil place to immerse in picturesque sights of quaint rustic ruins. A peaceful few hectares of space to ramble through the uneven remnants as I mulled over how the place was run in the past. Imagine how this place was once occupied by few hundred convicts and families. Imagine how life was for them, though my imagination could only take me so far as books and TV go. How hard life must had been for them then.

This was around a 20- minute(ish) ride from Port Arthur Historic Site. A smooth drive on a cool breezy late morning as we embarked on our journey. The ride was breathtaking as we were greeted with pastures of land with herds of fluffy sheep and lush tall green grass sprawled across the horizon. The clear cerulean sky accentuated the salient beauty of nature. A beautiful sight that the camera just cannot do justice to.

What enticed us most was the emerald waters of Norfolk Bay we saw along the stretch of Saltwater River Road. It was the most serene moment to capture and store in our permanent memory. Maybe it was the position of the sunrays and the current of the waters such that there’s a cosmos, but every moment of the journey was just reverent that we had to take a few miniature stops to contain the awe.

We don’t get a lot of/ any scenic view back home you see, so such moments of pauses are imperatively necessary. 😀

There was not a single soul (excluding wild insects and bunnies) when we arrived. We took time to enjoy the sweet lonesomeness… …


Definitely a relic to remember the rich history of how the convicts lived, worked and were treated. Kudos to the people who well preserved this place!

(A continuation of the itinerary will be in the future posts.)

Hope this inspires you to go on a road trip to explore the history of an unknown, and remember travel whenever!



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