My style, if you haven’t already guess it by now, is comfort; yet looking decently presentable and in vogue (sort of, I hope)? Haha… 😀

It is quite a no brainer; really, based on my previous Fashion On The Move posts, that the clothes I wear should never, NEVER impede my movement in any way; especially on a vacation- DEFINITELY on a vacation.

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During my Hong Kong getaway w J, we headed to Macau for a short stopover. Weather there, in midyear, is really sultry. Though I should be sort of immune to the sweltering heat by now, considering the fact that I live in the tropics, but NO. I don’t think anyone could be ever immune to extreme weather conditions (hot or cold) no matter how long they have lived there.

To combat the heat, naturally tank tops and shorts come to mind. And sure enough, this combination was spotted at every corner n Macau. But that day, I decided my daisy printed leggings from New Look had to make an appearance and parade out on the streets!

Leggings. I love them, I really do. Soft. Stretchy. Snugly. These 3 “S”s are all I need on a checklist for a comfortable bottom to wear on a day of long walks and explorations under the merciless blaze.

I have many pairs of leggings (usually black; yes, I am boring), and in terms of patterns, they are either extremely subtle, or there aren’t at all. So when I saw this printed leggings; in DAISIES; I knew I ought to get them. Period.

What I love about this pair of leggings is that the material is not too thick, neither is it sheet thin. The daisy prints are not in-your-face-outrageous kind of prints; really well put together.

Since the statement piece of this entire look is the daisies, I kept my top simple with a cotton white sleeveless from Mango. I adore the “shoe string” detail at the center of the top. It is in such details that make the whole top seem plain, yet kind of edgy, in my opinion.

Of course, comfort comes with a good pair of footwear that I could really walk in for hours and on. Let’s be real here; flip flops comes to mind, and I am not going to lie. But… … A pair of sneakers is imperatively my to-go footwear for moments when I know I need to walk on for hours, yet wearing flip flops will bring the entire outfit down. We all have that moments we can relate to right…?

I love my Converse in pale yellow. This colour is so neutral that you can match this with any outfit you wear without thinking at all. Definitely a good colour to buy if you are getting any!

My JanSport backpack has been my staple MUST-HAVE on every vacation. I love backpacks as they are definitely huge enough to hurl in all my essentials for the day- wallet, 2 bottles of water, sunshades, hat etc.

What I love about this backpack is that it can be a fashion piece on its own. I remember I was enticed by its pattern when I first saw it.

I don’t usually like to don on so many prints in a single outfit, as it can be distracting. But I think the daisies on the leggings and the pattern on the backpack are just in a cosmos when together.

I find this whole outfit super light-weight-comfortable, yet it doesn’t compromise on its style. Really an effortless look, yet so put together in a half girly-edgy kind of vibe. It also gives me a back-to-school kind of theme; maybe ’cause of the backpack? Haha… But, honestly, I would totally wear this to school, since comfort should also be fundamental when you attend school right?

Everyone has different styles, and mine happen to place comfort as first rank; trying not to forgo vogue. Be it any styles we prefer, it’s all about being confident in the clothes we wear and everything will fall into place. 🙂

So slip on your comfys and start to Travel Whenever!

Here’s a video J and I have put together during the trip! Seat back and enjoy…



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