Be frivolous. Be brave. 

I pondered real hard to write this section. You would think that it is not that hard to just describe yourself right? Well, it sure is tough for me. What do I write that best captures the travel essence in me… …

It all started because of my strong desire to travel and explore new places. I also love penning down past travel experiences, as it serves as a one-stop platform for me to walk down sweet memory lane every now and then (just like a photo album, only with very detailed captions).

At the same time, it also allows for sharing and exchange of tips and ideas with fellow travel enthusiasts! Snapping photographs and videography are all part of the process, which I really enjoy doing too.

Due to the nature of my work, I would travel whenever I could – thus, TravelWhenever was born!

People always ask, ‘What type of traveller are you?’ And to that, I cannot pinpoint any one in particular, because I would love to do a bit of everything every now and then. To stick to just one is just so restricting.

Nature exploration? City exploration? Both sound real fun in their own way! When I go to Bangkok, I would probably spend majority of my time to shop, eat and just chill my days away. And to Norway? It would imperatively be to do more nature-related activities like hiking!

Ever since my trip to New Zealand back in 2014, my travel spirit (if this is even a thing) leaned more towards nature. Hiking through the woods, and streams, sometimes waking up in the wee hours of the morning and in the freezing cold can be something all so fulfilling.

Sure during the process I may question why did I even bother doing so in the first place, but then, reaching the peak, everything began to unravel to why I started at all. And in that moment, I would be at peace with myself and the glorious sight right at my peripheral version. That is the feeling I would not trade anything for.

And because of this, I always try to remind myself to… …

Be Frivolous. Be Brave. TravelWhenever, be it full-time or part-time!